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Are you looking for a change in your lifestyle? Do you want to invest in your health and wellbeing? Zen Essence is about taking a mindful approach to life and using essential oils to help guide, empower, support and enhance your everyday living. Fortify your immune system, digestive system, metabolism, your mood and emotions. The very fact that you’re reading this is an excellent start. Mindfulness is about becoming aware, accepting and being kind to yourself and others as you navigate your way through life. The most important thing is to be open to the idea: you’ve set the intention so you are already on your way.

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April 2018 promotions

I started with the Home Essentials kit + diffuser which gave me the top 10 essential oils to help kickstart my natural lifestyle. It hasn’t all been smooth sailing, but I’m glad I’m making small changes for the long term to support my family. I’d love to share this month’s promotions with you

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