Hien’s Lavender Mint Blueberry ice cream recipe

Here’s my entry for doTERRA Australia ice cream competition. The great thing about this recipe is you don’t need an ice-cream maker! Made fresh this morning and enjoying it after dinner tonight.


½ a 395g can sweetened condensed milk
600ml double cream
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 cup blue berries
Handful of crushed pistachios
2 drops of lavender oil
3 drops of peppermint oil


Put the condensed milk, cream and vanilla into a large bowl. Beat with an electric whisk until thick and quite stiff, like whipped cream. Fold in blue berries and drops of oils. Scrape into a freezer container or a large loaf tin, cover with cling film and freeze until solid. Scoop and serve with crushed pistachio nuts! Nom, nom, nom!

Trying not to flip out

Here’s a picture of Dusty and I, at 36 weeks. Aww… it’s sweet, isn’t it? Well, I’m in my third trimester, feeling enormous, heavy and ready to pop! There so many emotions running through me as we get closer to delivery. Nervous, excited, scared, stressed and elated…I’ve got plenty of advice from friends and family about what motherhood will be like. The one constant feeling I have is trying not to flip out.

If I knew what I’ve learnt about essential oils today, I think I’d be in Zen like state and perhaps my reactions would be different than it was. I’d be less panicky, more calm, less narky, more balanced.

Dusty And Hien - With Some Camera Tricks
Dusty And Hien – With Some Camera Tricks

Here’s my top 6 oils for pregnant women to keep you well and truly happy:

  1. Orange: makes you feel joyous, calm and uplifted.
  1. Lavender: safe for use after 12-weeks, it’s a great oil to feel serene, relaxed and balanced. It also eases pregnancy aches and pains and reduces fluid retention.
  1. Ylang ylang: this great all-rounder is a must-have during pregnancy. Not only does it act as an aphrodisiac, but it also reduces your blood pressure and it said to comfort you if you’re feeling tense or stressed.
  1. Eucalyptus: this oil is fabulous if you’re feeling a little congested as it acts as an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antiviral to ease symptoms of respiratory congestion.
  1. Tea tree oil: to be used only during pregnancy and not during labour, tea tree oil is an antifungal and antiviral oil that helps ease the symptoms of thrush during pregnancy.
  1. Geranium: awesome for boosting energy and promoting circulation, geranium is safe to use after the first three months of pregnancy. It also relieves aching legs and helps you to feel refreshed.

During pregnancy, there are some essential oils you should avoid. Take care and if you’re not sure, consult with a doctor. Happy oiling!