Simple salmon with steamed veggies

I am enjoying the use of essential oils in the kitchen. The cost of fresh fruit and vegetables isn’t getting any lower and the worse thing I could do is buy a whole heap and forget to use them (that means they go into the bin – such a waste!). With essential oils, I know that for my peace of mind I can use these oils anytime in the kitchen without the hassle of shelf life (they last several years, even longer than dried herbs!).

Last night, I whipped up some salmon and steamed veggies for dinner. I didn’t have any fresh lemons on hand so I added a few drops of doTERRA’s lemon essential oil. The verdict? Delicious!


2 pieces of salmon, half a broccoli, 2 medium carrots, 50g butter, 2 large potatoes, lemon essential oil.


Heat a small fry pan on low, add 30g of butter and pan fry salmon to your liking. Cut up broccoli and carrots while setting a small saucepan with steamer on the stove. Cut up potatoes and add to the water, set steamer on top with broccoli and carrots. Take off the heat when vegetables are steamed to your preference (usually 8 – 10 mins). Drain the water and mash up potatoes while adding the rest of the butter (salt / pepper to your taste). Plate up mash potatoes, steamed veggies and salmon. Meanwhile in the small frypan, add 2 – 3 drops of lemon essential oil to the butter. Drizzle over the salmon. Enjoy!

Accept others

Everyone has their own idiosyncrasies (and insecurities). No one is the same. Everyone is unique. There is no perfect. If we remember this, it helps us to be more empathetic and less inclined to judge.

I’ll raise my hand and be honest. I put up walls and find it difficult to accept other’s as I always expect so much more. It only takes a second to be judgemental and it takes even longer to acknowledge people’s differences.

Today, in the midst of all things, I received a delivery of roses from my partner. Even on days we agree to disagree (that probably won’t ever change), I am mindful that I will do it from a place with an open mind and mutual respect. Thank you for making my day brighter, with love.


doTERRA Product Expo February 2017

There’s no better opportunity to learn about doTERRA’s products than to attend an expo. You meet the people from all walks of life with one passion – their love of oils! Not only do you gain a new network of friends, you’ll learn about upcoming products, experience oils in a way you’ve never imagined and hear some truly inspiring ancdotes that resonate deep within.

Many thanks to John and Paula for organising their latest product expo in Melbourne. The food was divine. You’ve sparked my interest in getting back into the kitchen and creating vibrant, delicious, easy meals using essential oils. I look forward to the next event.

February Promotions 2017

Check out the following ice cream competition for doTERRA Australia participants. Starts 16th January 2017 and ends 14th February 2017.

This month’s special offer in February – save 10% off Bergamot 15ml

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