Hello, I’m Hien and welcome to my little space of Zen Essence. I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m a stay at home mum with two kiddos, a wife to a wonderful husband who is as geeky and nerdy as they come (think Star Wars, Star Trek, LOTR…).

In 2016, I started my journey with essential oils to support my family’s health and wellness after my first born arrived. I struggled with sleep deprivation (he slept in 45 min cycles!), I didn’t take care of myself, I was worried about the chemicals that I was using in my home and all I wanted was to be a good mum.

Sharing my concerns with other women I was introduced to two essential oils; Lavender and OnGuard. That moment was life changing and I wish I had known about essential oils sooner.

Using essential oils in my everyday life I’ve been able to reduce our toxic load. I’ve switched out chemical products with natural homemade sprays to clean the house, shower sprays, kitchen scrub, mould cleaner, air fresheners, hand washers. I’ve also made natural chesty cough rubs, nappy salves for bottom rashes – whatever you can think of, my DIY essential oil toolbelt is here to the rescue.

I felt empowered, taking control of what I use day to day, what I use to nourish my skin and the choices I’ve made to support my family’s health and wellbeing.

Motherhood has given me a new perspective on life and I’ve made so many precious new friends who’ve ‘been there, done that’ and shown me that there is a different way to go. I really want this for you too. A tribe of women and me who’ll generously support your oily journey. Help you be the maker – create beautiful things. There are infinite possibilities of living a natural lifestyle and I’d love to show you how these gifts of the earth will do just that. One drop at a time, for every family.


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