Workshop, classes and education

Learning about essential oils can be overwhelming at first. Which is why I love to get out there and support the people who buy essential oils with me, running workshops, classes and education so that people can confidently use these natural solutions in their homes from the get-go. It’s the opportunity to ask your questions and experience these oils. Touch, smell and learn first-hand the applications, uses and benefits.

Here are my favourite top 5 workshops:

➕ Introduction to essential oils (for beginners!)

➕ Mums and bubs: From bump, birth, baby and beyond

➕ Low toxic living: natural solutions for cleaning

➕ The Foodie: cooking with essential oils

➕ Natural skin care: love your body

These classes are short (less than an hour), interactive, fun and informal! I’ll come with all the printed material, recipes, resources and education. Do you want to take something tangible home? Ask for a ‘make and take’ workshop,these will usually have a small cost to cover the materials and essential oils used to create essential oil products to take home and use right away. Remember, it’s about incorporating essential oils into your everyday life.

Whether it’s an online class (through social media like Facebook) or a private workshop in your home, at the park, café, workplace with family, friends, mums and bubs group, or work mates, if you’re interested in hosting – contact me.

Oh, and if you’re hosting, I’ll be gifting you with some beautiful free gifts too.


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