Clean up, clear out, clean mind, clear out

Clean up, clear out, clean mind, clear out

Just before the new year, I finally tackled that mundane task of cleaning out my cupboard. It only took seconds from being boring to getting excited and swinging to reminiscing.

Clothes. They do that to you. I had shirts, dresses and skirts from 6 years ago. And each time I went to “overhaul” my wardrobe, I find a reason to hang onto them.

My size 12 jeans from ummmm… like 15 years ago still sat in a pile at the bottom.

That blue bikini that no longer fit.

The dress I wore for my friends wedding 8 years ago (beautiful coral and white dress we made ourselves).

Maternity dresses from a year an a half ago.

That random, green army, puffy jacket I bought in Iceland as I hadn’t come prepared thinking I’d be fine in a blazer. Wrong!

Clothes that I’ve worn once and now out of trend.

As I begin to sort these out while humming and haaaaarrrring… I don’t need these. They can go to someone who needs them, as I really put the question forward “will I ever wear you again?”… my pile to go to the Salvos gets higher and higher.

So there you have it, these hangers in this photo represent me dusting off the old things, taking a mental note of all the sentimental moments I’ve had in these clothes, decluttering the cupboard and sighing in relief.

Oh, it doesn’t mean that I’ll go on a shopping spree to fill it up again no, can’t do that. For now it’ll stay empty and I the mean time, I’ve sprayed some purify essential oils to leave it fresh and clean.

Time to tackle that “other cupboard” called the kitchen. I’ll leave that for another day.

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