Making an all natural super salve

Over the weekend I made a soothing salve and it was really simple to make. I tweaked the recipe a little by adding an extra 10g of Beeswax pellets so that my salve was a bit more solid than runny.

From the same mixture, I also made an Easy Air rub in mini glass jars with screw top lids (better then Vick vapour rub, gentle on the skin). Pre-warning, don’t be like me and not get the screw top lid containers, I didn’t think to do that with the tin storage containers and got the ones that snap on when you push down firmly. It now means I have trouble opening them up! Haha yup, trial error!

I added 10 drops of easy air to the glass jar and poured the mixture in while it was still hot.

The lemon, lavender and tea tree measurements changed to 10 drops each instead of 20 drops.

This salve is perfect for cuts, scraps, nappy rash, lip balm and all sorts of things! Recipe here:

Super Salve – One Balm for Everything


I’m so relieved he hasn’t had any breakouts or nappy rashes since I’ve been using this balm #winning and one thing I need to remember is to not put that finger in twice when I’m wiping it all over his butt! I want it to keep clean and avoid transferring germs and nasty bacteria.

I’ve said it once, but I’ll say it again… you want to buy the screw top lids! It’s so much harder trying to pull and pop them open. #naturalsolutions#lavender #teatree #lemon #softlikeababysbottom #homemade#zenessenceau

Homemade Felt and Essential Oil Air Freshener

As a wellness advocate, I’ve been thinking about how I can replace everyday items with more natural solutions. It never occurred to me until my partner went out to buy a car freshener at the local petrol station that I could make it. I hopped online and found an interest DIY blog by I’ve chosen my own felt, colours and design. Keeping with my ‘Zen’ theme I’ve used circles to represent perfection and with three layers, it’s a ripple effect to represent the core of my business and the impact of sharing oils to many. It only takes a drop.

One method that is circling the internet is using felt.  We tried this and really liked it.  Most people will tell you to use wool felt because of its absorbency.  The regular cheap kind absorbs just as well in my opinion, so that’s up to you.

What you need

  • Felt
  • button
  • Scissors
  • hole punch
  • essential oil of choice
  • yarn or string


  1. Cut the felt into the size and shape that you want (I used circles!)
  2. Use the button to sew together the felt.
  3. Place 10 drops or so of essential oils of your choice onto the felt.  It will absorb them after a few seconds.
  4. Put the yarn through the button and hang in your vehicle.

**A Variation on this is to cut out two identical pieces of felt and sew them together, leaving a small hole to squeeze a cotton ball into.  Then drip a few drops of essential oils onto the cotton ball and close.  To reload, sprinkle on the felt and it will soak through into the cotton ball.